Security Alarm

Nothing is more important than knowing that your family, home and property are secure and safe from injury or damage. Security Solutions NW can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs ... and your budget.

Home Security Alarm

Home alarm systems are proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to burglary. A U.S. Department of Justice report shows that 74% of unsuccessful burglary attempts result from a home alarm system scaring away the intruder. Government statistics also show that a burglar is three times as likely to select a home without a burglar alarm than an alarmed residence.

An intrusion alarm is the most affordable and effective solution for deterring burglaries and home invasion crimes. A home alarm system can be as simple as a few door contacts with motion detectors or more complex with a variety of detection devices such as window contacts and glass break sensors. Let us custom-design a system to meet your particular needs.  


Home Intrusion Detection

Door contacts are the first detection choice: More than 70% of burglary intrusions are through a door. Motion detectors are commonly used as a back up to door detection, creating intruder traps to protect areas vulnerable to window intrusion or areas that have important assets. Motion detectors come in a wide variety for different coverage and special applications. Some have “pet immunity” functions that help eliminate false alarms when you have pets in your home. Window contacts and glass break sensors are common detection devices used most often to create a complete detection perimeter for personal protection strategies. Some other specialty detectors include:

  • floor stress sensors
  • vibration sensors
  • tilt sensors 

Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100

Honeywell’s newest LYNX Touch self-contained security system includes two alarm industry firsts that allow installers to more easily provide local and remote services, which are increasingly popular among homeowners who want to control their security using mobile devices. The LYNX Touch 5100 is the first technology of its kind to offer Wi-Fi®, as well as an alarm radio that can communicate via 4G network.

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Perimeter Detection

Outdoor alarm detection can be tricky, but there are a variety of options available for perimeter area detection. These include:

  • specialty outdoor detectors
  • optical beam sensors
  • fence detection systems

False alarm issues are extremely important to address when designing an outdoor perimeter detection scheme, so a customized application design and high-quality system components are essential. 

Environmental Sensors

Water level sensors can protect your home and assets from water damage in areas prone to flooding or seepage. Temperature sensors can warn you if a temperature-sensitive asset, such as an electronic media closet or a wine cellar, is at risk. 


Life Safety Detection

Adding life safety detection to a monitored home intrusion alarm can protect your family from smoke, fire and other hazards. Smoke and heat detectors are commonly added to monitored alarm systems to protect your home and property. Fire detection can be configured as part of your life safety fire detection system. Carbon Monoxide and gas detectors are also available for life safety protection in a monitored alarm system. 

Personal Safety

A home alarm system can have a button on the key pad programmed as a panic alert or medical alert, and a wireless remote “panic button” can be added for personal safety. When activated, the monitoring station recognizes this report as a life safety threat in your home and immediately contacts the police. Remote panic alerts are a valuable tool to protect you from home invasion crimes or if you are the victim of personal harassment or threats.

Remote Activation

Remote activation can be as simple as a wireless key fob to arm and disarm the system as you arrive and leave your home, or as high tech as a virtual keypad on your mobile device. You can have remote access over the internet for system status, reports and system activation.

Sirens and Alerts

A home security alarm usually includes an interior siren designed to warn the intruder and encourage him to leave the premises immediately. This is the most important function of a siren. In remote and rural areas, an exterior siren or siren and strobe may be added to raise the level of urgency to the intruder. Many types of audible or visual alerts can be installed independent of alarm systems for specific applications as well.


Home Security Checklist

Is your home truly secure? Security Solutions is happy to offer a free Home Security Survey to those who wish to know how to make their home a more secure place. Contact us to make an appointment or go to our Home Security Survey

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