Keyless Entry

Nothing is more important than knowing that your family, home and property are secure and safe from injury or damage. Security Solutions NW can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs ... and your budget.

Keyless Entry/Access Control

Often called keyless entry or card access, an access control system allows authorized personnel to enter a specific access point or door while keeping unauthorized people out. A system can range from a simple locally programmed electronic keypad securing a single door, to large multi-site system that manages hundreds of access points (doors, gates, elevators, etc.), with multiple levels of security, connected on the network and centrally managed using a sophisticated software management system.

The main function of an access control system is to keep unauthorized individuals from entering an area. This can be an employee entrance, parking garage, server room, personnel records room, or any other secure area. A managed access control system can be used to schedule access by individual, by date, by time and by access point. An event log provides a history of access entries so accountability is reinforced. Access control eliminates the problems associated with lost keys, terminated employees with keys, stolen keys, etc.  With access control, the “credential” (card or key fob) can easily be deleted and a new credential issued. No more re-keying.   

Electronic Locks  

Doors are typically secured using an electronic strike or magnetic locks. Other electronic locks are available for special applications including electronic deadbolts, cabinet locks and gate locks.

Keypads and Readers  

Individually programmed keypads can be sufficient for small applications with only a few users, but the most common activation device is a “proximity reader” that uses a credential (card or key fob) held within a few inches of the reader to unlock the electronic lock or activate the access point. Some applications may use:

  • combination reader/keypads
  • magnetic swipe readers (magnetic cards)
  • biometric readers (fingerprint, hand, iris, etc.)

Management Systems

Most systems are powerful and expansive enough to provide more capability than most businesses will ever need, but some more complex features are available that may suit the specific needs of your business. Systems can include employee badges for credentials, video verification at entry points and a variety of other special capabilities. System software can be hosted on a server or workstation at your site and administered by someone on your staff, or you can choose a Managed Access Control System that frees you from managing updates and reports for a monthly fee. Customers can also choose a “hosted” system or ASP (application service provider). With an ASP, there is no system management computer on site; the software is accessed through a web-based platform.