Training Classes

Nothing is more important than knowing that your family, home and property are secure and safe from injury or damage. Security Solutions NW can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs ... and your budget.

Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Did you know that OSHA requires that employees be educated in the use of fire extinguishers every year? Specifically, 29 CFR 1910.157(g) states:

“Where the employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, the employer shall also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage fire fighting.”

Security Solutions has been providing comprehensive OSHA compliant fire extinguisher training classes to businesses for over 10 years.

The class includes a detailed educational on:

  • common types of fire extinguishers
  • classifications of fires & their hazards
  • using the proper fire extinguisher on different class fires
  • do’s and don’ts on fire extinguisher operation
  • when a fire extinguisher is an appropriate means to fight a fire 

The fire extinguisher training class has been a favorite among business participants and proves to be an invaluable educational tool for employees and employers.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures are a critical piece to life safety in emergency situations. The life safety experts at Security Solutions can help your business in any stage of planning your building evacuation process. If you need consulting in mapping evacuation routes, designing quadrants and assigning quadrant captains, to actually performing a timed fire alarm evacuation drill, Security Solutions has the consulting experience on all emergency evacuation procedure levels.