Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Nothing is more important than knowing that your family, home and property are secure and safe from injury or damage. Security Solutions NW can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs ... and your budget.

Sales and Installation: Dry Chemical Suppression Systems

Wet fire sprinkler systems may not be the most appropriate form of fire suppression due to special hazards. Dry chemicals can be a better solution.

A common example for the need of dry chemical suppression systems includes industrial paint booths. Dry chemical systems provide highly reliable protection in many special hazard applications with both automatic and manual means of operation for protection.

Security Solutions both designs and installs dry chemical suppression systems for special hazard applications. Call Security Solutions to discover if your special hazard environments meet the requirements for dry chemical systems.

Sales and Installation: Clean Agent Systems 

If you have expensive electronics like server or communication rooms that need fire protection, but don’t like the idea of fire sprinkler system protection, then clean agent suppression systems are the solution for you. Often referred to as “waterless fire protection,” clean agent systems are the perfect way to add fire protection to your equipment without damaging the equipment you are trying to protect.

Security Solutions both designs and installs clean agent systems engineered to your specific needs and installed in a timely manner. Call Security Solutions today to get a free quote on protecting your electronics with our “waterless fire protection” systems.

Testing and Maintenance

Special hazard fire suppression systems
need to be tested and inspected on a semi-annual basis to remain compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2001 and 17 standards. It is important to perform the tests and inspections outlined in the corresponding NFPA standards to ensure proper operation of the special hazard fire protection systems.

Room Integrity Test

In order for clean agent systems to work effectively for sustained periods of time, the room it is protecting needs to remain as air-tight as possible. Clean agent systems should be installed in rooms that sustain oxygen-deficient atmospheres to prevent re-ignition for up to 10 minutes, depending on authorities’ jurisdiction requirements. To adhere to these strict requirements, rooms must be sealed from penetration through walls, floors, ceilings and HVAC systems.

Security Solutions has certified door fan testing equipment and technicians that can determine just how long the clean agent room concentration will prevent re-ignition. If your business already has a clean agent system, this test should be conducted on an annual basis to ensure the room maintains the integrity per the initial system design and requirements. If you are installing a new clean agent system, give Security Solutions a call to be your “one stop shop” for your design, installation and testing needs.