Fire Extinguishers

Nothing is more important than knowing that your family, home and property are secure and safe from injury or damage. Security Solutions NW can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs ... and your budget.

Commercial Fire Extinguisher Sales

Security Solutions is proud to be a distributor and service company of Amerex Fire Extinguishers. Amerex fire extinguishers are rechargeable, high quality and user-friendly, and can meet code compliance for

  • light hazard
  • high hazard
  • special hazard environments

Do you need new or additional fire extinguishers for your business? Give us a call and we will be happy to hang the appropriate size, type, quantity and distance between units to comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 10 standards.

Inspection, Testing and Recharging

From light hazard office and retail space to high hazard manufacturing shops, Security Solutions has the tools, experience and NAFED-certified technicians to perform your monthly and/or annual service and maintenance needs on your fire extinguishers. If you have discharged a fire extinguisher and need it recharged, give us a call and we will gladly perform quick onsite service and recharge.

Fire Extinguisher Hazard Assessment

It is absolutely critical to know if your fire extinguisher protection is adequate to protect both life and property. We often discover businesses that are either under-protected or protected with the wrong type of fire extinguishers for their specific hazards. Security Solutions performs onsite hazard assessment service followed by reports of recommendations for any deficiencies we discover as per NFPA 10 standards. We will gladly walk you through your business and inform you of any unprotected hazards.

Home Fire Extinguisher Sales  

We also carry Amerex Fire Extinguishers for residential use. Amerex fire extinguishers are rechargeable, high quality and user-friendly fire extinguishers that can meet the need of any type of residential hazard.

Inspection, testing and recharging of fire extinguishers 

Although not required by current Washington sate laws or codes, it is strongly recommended to bring your residential fire extinguishers into the professionals at Security Solutions on an annual basis to determine if the fire extinguisher is maintaining its integrity and to get advice from our technicians on proper maintenance procedures. At a minimum, dry chemical fire extinguishers should be recharged every six years and have a hydrostatic pressure test every 12 years.

Provide hazard assessment information  

Do your residential fire extinguishers protect you from the hazards in your home? Often times, we discover homeowners are under-protected, have the wrong type of fire extinguisher, or, even worse, have purchased a non-rechargeable fire extinguisher from a home improvement or department store that has been recalled for failure to operate. Bring your fire extinguisher in to Security Solutions and we can discuss the protection level your fire extinguishers provide.